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President Obama said "nobody is listening to your telephone calls," even though the National Security Agency could actually track you from cellphone metadata. But how much could the Tou learn from all that email metadata, really?

And was it more invasive than phone nsa is that for you collection? To offer a basic sense of how StellarWind collection worked — and how much user names and IP addresses can tell a spy about a matchmaking by birth date, even if he's not reading the contents of your email — we took a look at the raw source code of an everyday email header.

It's not the exact kind of information the NSA was pulling, of course, but it shows the type of information attached to every single one of your emails. Below is what the metadata looks like as it travels around with an email — we've nsa is that for you the relevant parts, based on nza The Guardian reported today as the legally allowed and apparently expanded powers of the NSA to read without your permission.

After all, it's right there behind your words:.

As you can see, at the bare minimum, your average email metadata offers location thag the IPsplus names or at least email addressesand dates down to the second.

But email metadata is more revealing than that — even more revealing than what the NSA could do with just the nsa is that for you of your last phone call and the nearest cell tower.

Hell, it'd be easy enough for your grandma to geolocate both parties from a couple of IPs: For example, using the two IP addresses in the email yku to me above, we can easily determine that it was sent from Victoria, Australia:. The IP address is like a nsa is that for you pigeon, and that's why the revelations of email metadata being authorized under fpr Bush and Obama administrations amounts to a seriously revealing breach of personal security in the name of terror-hunting.

Of course, the administration has another party line, telling the Los Angeles Times that operation StellarWind was discontinued because it wasn't adding up to enough good intelligence of "value.

Even if you're just emailing your sna grandma.

The US government, with assistance from major telecommunications carriers including AT&T, has engaged in massive, illegal dragnet surveillance of the. The NSA has "reigns supreme" for years with voice identification tech The NSA knows who you are just by the sound of your voice—and their. In , Edward Snowden revealed the NSA collects personal data on every American, as well as many more people worldwide. But it’s not only the NSA spying on its own people. Its counterparts at the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) are also spying on and hacking targets of interest.

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